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How's Furlough going for You?

It's been a strange few weeks - though really quite busy. Back at the end of last month we (St Albans Arts Team) were unfurloughed as the scheme came to an end and then (as it was reinstated) refurloghed about 48 hours later! I was genuinly looking forward to getting back and hooking up with colleagues to make some creative plans but hey-ho - looks like it'll be March now.

As some of you will know I've continued to (voluntarily) try and enable folks to stay creative at Isolation Arts Cafe and I remain amazed at the wonderful contributions that appear there every day - I think in these lock-down days it's more important than ever to have spaces where we can share and connect. Do come join the group and feel free to share or just enjoy the postings.

A few months ago I got a message fom my friend Mark (at Nub Country Records) asking if I'd be up for playing a little harmonica on a track for the new Johnny Altman album which was released last week. It sounds great and the track I played on 'Bad Boy & Angel' is cool. It was a real pleasure heading over to Mark's to record the track - such a rare moment of (non-virtual) connection and creativity. John is a gent and a great raconteur - entertaining us with (non-shareable) tales of various actors and celebs!

Also last week;

I did an interview for The Arts Show on Wycombe Sound Radio chatting to host Dane about Jack Kerouac, The Sound of Revolution and lock-down creativity - you can still listen on the Arts Show link.

I was honoured to be able to talk Patti Smith with Andy N for The Sunday Tribune - she remains such an amazing and inspiring influence!

I've been asked to record a (cover) track for a little download compilation in aid of supporting my favourite Holloway Road boozer The Lamb - but what track to choose - I kinda wanna do something folks wouldn't expect me to cover - any suggestions? We have had some great nights at The Lamb and all the pubs have had a really tough time this year - so good to help out in any way we can.

I got pulled in to participating in a great photography project - Pandemic Portraits - by Nic Madge. A really nice way of documenting this period. I know a few of the wonderful folks featured in the October compilation and with the atmospheric accomanying music it makes for quite an affecting piece!

I had the idea of putting together a Spotify playlist to accompany the imminent release of The Sound of Revolution and it's been fun choosing a suitably riotous selection - I think it will actually make for a cool party soundtrack - maybe something for New Year's Eve! I'll try and post that up next week.

There seems at last to be positivity on the horizon in various shapes and I hope you are warding off the inevitable anxiety of the times. I do honestly believe that ironically the 'new normal' offers the opportunity for the world to embrace some much needed new directions and I'm feeling pretty upbeat about that - let's hope so!

Stay creative, stay safe, stay connected!

Grae J.

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