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poetry (and a few photos) offering uplifting vignettes of anxiety, division, rebellion and cats!

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shipping December 2020

Collated during lock-down, The Sound of Revolution is a collection of poems from recent years that reflect in some way on where I am right now. These are poems from the barricades of protest, from artistic ventures overseas and from moments of contemplation and self-healing.

Ironically it has been this period of covid enforced inactivity that has allowed me the time to put the book together (as well as a number of lock-down recordings) and has seen a flurry of online performance opportunity.


Being invited to perform on-line for a variety of events including Paris Lit Up, XR Arts, The UH Festival of Ideas and All in the Mind Festival has given me focus, purpose and much needed connectivity.

This period has allowed us all to contemplate how a new normal might look and in some ways I have reconnected with that rebellious soul, the agitator and activist. 

2020 has found me out on the streets fighting for a fairer, safer world - angered by the lethargy and inaction of the traditional political construct. Missing my regular performance tours on the continent I value now more than ever those connections with similar and differing spirits overseas - that small beautiful planet we inhabit - putting the world to rights with an after-show beer.

These poems come from journeys of discovery, times of struggle, sometimes dark, sometimes silly, empathy, confusion, red wine, crazy times, compassion and a wry smile - the sound of revolution!

Grae J.

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